Death Cleanup In San Diego: How We Can Help

Death cleanup services in San Diego and Southern California might be a service you’d never think you would need, but you would be surprised how often it’s necessary.

The story typically begins with someone asking, “What’s going on at that house next door?” Your neighbor’s grass is growing increasingly taller or turning dry and brown, as shrubbery and trees grow out of control. The newspapers are piling up. There’s an odor coming from the home. What do you do?

There could be several possible reasons for this type of scenario. Either your neighbor is a hermit and a possibly a hoarder and has no interest in maintaining their property, or there is something very wrong.

Your first step should be to think about how well you know your neighbor. Are they typically friendly and usually out and about? Is this pattern of behavior unusual? Did they take pride in their home up until a few weeks ago? If the condition of the home is abnormal for your neighbor and you’ve always been on cordial terms, consider knocking on their door and attempting to contact them directly.

If you have contact information for their friends and family, you also could call and update them about the situation and express your concern. When all else fails, call the local police department dispatch for a “welfare check,” and they will come and investigate.

Hopefully this is not worst-case scenario. If it is however, be prepared for law-enforcement to expect a statement from you. Be available and forthcoming. Do not disturb anything around the home. After the police have commenced their investigation, you or the family can contact us for discrete death cleanup services in San Diego County, Orange Country, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County.

Even if this wasn’t the worst-case scenario, you may find that your neighbor needs medical or psychological help, and you also may find that the interior of the home, like the exterior, is in extremely poor condition.  You may find a hoarding situation or perhaps months of neglect have led to the growth of mold and other toxins. Perhaps the home is overrun with pets, food has been left out to spoil or plumbing no longer works properly.

If this is the case, a good bioremediation company is crucial to returning the home to livability. If your neighbor was injured or ill and has been hospitalized, many families will take this opportunity to return the home to habitable condition and arrange for home health services or alternative living arrangements.

It is extremely important to hire a trustworthy company during this time. After all, you need to ensure that valuables and keepsakes are accounted for and gently. In addition to death cleanup in San Diego and Southern California, The BioClean Team can help restore the interior of a home to a safe and habitable condition, removing mold, waste and other toxins.

We also take pride in finding treasures and valuables that homeowner may have forgotten even exist, and we handle all of your loved one’s possessions with care. We will also look for legal documents and files that may be of importance in the coming months.

After bio-remediation is complete, we will hand over valuables and documents to a trusted family member, friend, realtor or attorney for safe keeping. Leaving these items in a vacant home can entice burglars to the site, and when we leave, we want to ensure that the house is not exposed to theft or vandalism.

Through the years, we have handled all types of bioremediation, from death cleanup in San Diego to hoarding cleanup and beyond. We find that it is crucial that neighbors keep a close eye on the vacant property after bioremediation is complete.

We have completed multiple cleanouts where the home later was overrun by squatters or vandalized. Neighbors can help by maintaining vigilance and other tactics, such as adding motion sensor lights to the exterior home and placing interior lamps and lights on timers, also makes it appear that the home is not vacant. The best protection would be to use the aforementioned lighting, along with neighborhood watch and a monitored alarm system. Keep in mind that when vandalism and theft occurs or squatters move in, this affects the neighborhood property value, so it’s smart to have all neighbors working as a team to ensure that a vacant home is untouched.

All in all, we should all be looking out for each other regardless of circumstance. Getting to know your neighbors and their habits, as well as exchanging contact information, can help reduce the likelihood of a tragic situation. But if you find that a “worst-case scenario” has occurred, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time day or night.

The BioClean Team prides itself on its motto “service first” and lives by the Golden Rule. We provide compassionate, caring and comprehensive death cleanup in San Diego and throughout Southern California. We employ only experienced professionals for our services, and don’t outsource or contract with part-time employees. We fully understand that these situations are highly distressing and do our best to provide fast, efficient and discrete services.

In addition to any type of death cleanup in San Diego and Southern California, we also provide compassionate hoarding cleanup services. Our company was founded by an experienced nurse, who understands the necessity for a caring approach in addition to the necessity for bioremediation and the removal of excessive amounts of personal effects. If you need death cleanup services, suicide cleanup services or hoarding cleanup services, we are here to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Steps to take when a loved one has passed… and has remained undiscovered for several days.

This can be a confusing and emotional time in your life. First of all, please know, we are here for you to answer any questions, even if you do not use our services. Our motto at The BIOClean Team is “Service First”. We are here as a resource during these troubled times, and are very sorry for what you are going through.

  1. First things first: We understand you have lost a family member and the circumstances may be less than desirable. If you are the one who has discovered your loved one, please STOP, retrace your steps and dial 9-1-1. DO NOT touch anything. Not only is it hazardous, but you may be disrupting crucial evidence that law enforcement and the coroner will want to document as is.
  2. Remove yourself from the immediate scene and wait for law enforcement.
  3. Once law enforcement has arrived, inform them of your findings. They will want your statement again, so remain present or available via phone if the scene is emotionally overwhelming for you. Call another family member to assist you as needed, but try to keep the scene clear of a large group that may hinder officials.
  4. Questions to ask law enforcement and the coroner:
    1. Approximately how long was the family member in this state? This assists us in our assessment of how extreme the remediation will be.
    2. Will there be any issue with clearing the scene so I may have retrieve the belongings? This allows us an understanding of when the scene may be released for bio-hazard remediation.
  5. Once the scene has been cleared (can be same day, a few days, or even sometimes weeks) inform a bioremediation company such as The BIOClean Team about the pending clearance so that the company, or we, may arrive as quickly as possible to return you to normal as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get you back to baseline as soon as possible.

We understand this is a difficult time for your family both emotionally, physically, and financially. The emotional toll it takes losing a loved one, and especially being involved in the discovery process is the very reason you should call a trusted and reputable BIOremediation company. There is often little regulation and unscrupulous individuals have popped up with no training, nor certifications supporting their knowledge of OSHA standards, pathogens, decontamination, biohazard transport, nor knowledge of California’s vast health department requirements. ALL technicians at The BIOClean Team are fully vetted, trained, and certified. The owner has been in the industry for over ten years and is a registered nurse who worked in multiple trauma hospitals and emergency rooms in southern California. This first-hand knowledge of trauma, OSHA, biohazardous remediation, coupled with working alongside first responders on a daily basis makes The BIOClean Team one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate companies available today. They have wealth of resources and are committed to “Service First”, meaning, no matter who you decide is the best choice for your family to assist with your cleanup needs, the owner will make herself available as a resource to answer any questions you may have. Off the books. Anytime. “Service First