Medical Waste Cleanup

Are You Disposing of Your Medical Waste Correctly? LEARN ABOUT MEDICAL WASTE CLEANUP

If you deal with any type of biological material, needles or syringes, you handle medical waste. The BIOClean Team removes medical waste safely for medical providers, plastic surgeons, veterinarians and tattoo parlors in the Southern California, CA area.

Proper medical waste disposal involves:

  • Picking waste up from your commercial location
  • Transporting it safely to the disposal facility
  • Sterilizing and disposing of waste according to regulations

Does your business produce biohazardous medical waste? The BIOClean Team also offers blood cleanup and sharps pickup services in the San Diego, CA area. Call today to learn more.

Selecting a waste management company to dispose of your medical waste doesn’t need to be difficult. The BIOClean Team of Southern California, CA meets all governmental requirements and exceeds clients’ expectations.

We are:

  • Certified for medical waste removal
  • In compliance with federal guidelines
  • Familiar with all state and federal regulations

Hiring the right medical waste cleanup provider is vital to your company’s success. The BIOClean Team will pick up and dispose of your medical waste properly. Call today to schedule medical waste cleanup services.

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Pathological & Anatomical Waste
this includes human tissues, organs or other body parts removed during surgery, autopsy, research studies or birth.

Blood Products
blood waste including serum, plasma and other blood components.

Infectious Materials (OPIM)
body fluids including: semen, vaginal secretions, synovial fluid, etc.

Microbiological Waste
cultures, culture dishes, inoculate cultures, mix cultures, stocks and specimens.

Hypodermic needles, scalpels, syringes, capillary tubes and razor blades.

Animal Waste
Carcasses, body parts, bedding and other infectious waste.