Hoarder Cleanup

Get Your Space Free of Clutter and Biohazards

If your loved one has hoarding disorder, you could be living in dangerous conditions. The BIOClean Team has experience cleaning the homes of those with this disease, and we want to help however we can. We offer junk removal, large-item removal, valuable item removal, and biohazard cleaning services in Southern California, CA.

If you’re living in hoarded clutter, you could be putting yourself at risk of infectious disease or even a clutter-related accident. Call The BIOClean Team today for efficient and caring junk removal and biohazard cleanup.

waste removed in hoarding cleanup

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Hoarding is a condition that compels people to collect items in a way that could put their lives in jeopardy. However, that doesn’t mean everything in a hoarder’s home should be thrown out. The BIOClean Team’s BIOClean Hoarding division is devoted entirely to cleaning up the homes of hoarders. They have substantial junk removal experience and are prepared to provide these services:

  • The removal and decontamination of hazardous materials, including animal corpses, garbage, feces and urine.
  • The removal of large or heavy objects that put the residents’ safety at risk.
  • The removal of valuable items that shouldn’t be thrown out with the rest of the trash.