• What Is an Unattended Death?
  • An unattended death is a situation where a person dies alone, and their body is discovered after a prolonged period without anyone knowing of their passing. Unattended deaths can happen in many different circumstances, such as when someone dies in their home or apartment and has no family or friends to check on them regularly … Continue reading “What Is an Unattended Death?”

  • The Dangers of a Meth Lab CleanUp
  • Meth lab cleanups are no small task. It’s a job that requires specialized knowledge of danger and expertise in decontamination. Suppose you have discovered a meth lab on your property. In that case, it’s important to contact the appropriate professional services immediately to ensure that the area is properly disinfected and safe for re-entry.  What … Continue reading “The Dangers of a Meth Lab CleanUp”

  • Who Cleans Up a Suicide?
  • When someone takes their life, those who knew and loved them are nothing short of crushed. The last thing that anyone is thinking about is suicide cleanup. Most times people are in utter shock and then deep sorrowful sadness. Suicide can be prevented, and when it isn’t, it hurts beyond words. Unfortunately, tasks like disinfecting … Continue reading “Who Cleans Up a Suicide?”