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About Canopy Cleaning 

Birds cause millions of dollars of damage every year to awnings, buildings, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more. Bird droppings and nesting materials, which are allowed to accumulate, pose a host of physical problems. In fact, the accumulation of pigeon droppings caused a gas station canopy to collapse in Arizona in 2008.

Bird droppings are very acidic in nature. They actually eat away at many substrates, especially tar-based roofing materials. Pigeon, starling and sparrow nests are often built-in rain gutters, drains and corners of roofs where drains are located. Droppings that are allowed to accumulate on roofs will eat into the material and eventually compromise the integrity of the structure making it susceptible to water intrusion, rusting, and destruction.

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Gas Station, Gas Island, and Convenience Store canopies offer unique cleaning challenges, especially during reimaging. The accumulation of avian matter, feces, and debris causes pathogens and build up that can hinder workers and cause illness if exposed without proper personal protective equipment. Bird poop has histoplasmosis– it can causes severe respiratory issues when exposed.

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Canopy Cleaning Specialists

The BIO-Clean Team specializes in biohazardous cleaning and decontamination of surfaces affected by pest birds. The Bio-Clean Team Technicians have extensive training in the remediation of avian fecal matter.

There are many factors that need to be considered to SAFELY remediate bird droppings. Power washing a unit is EXTREMELY dangerous as it just sprays pathogens into the air and can infect workers and customers. Additionally, affected water can NOT be washed down any drains due to the wastewater act. Our technicians are trained in all aspects of cleaning, disinfection, water reclamation, donning and doffing personal protective equipment to avoid cross-contamination.

Comprehensive Environmental Insurance

Complimenting our superior service is our comprehensive environmental insurance coverage, our 24-7 line that goes directly to a manger, and a coverage area that extends across Southern California.