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Stacy is a registered nurse with over ten years of Emergency Medicine, OSHA compliance, and medical waste regulatory experience. She knows that for our clients, when they call us may be during one of the hardest times in their lives. Stacy is here to help. She will guide you through the process and alleviate any burden she can. She leads the BIOClean team through medical know-how, and duty-first service to every job, from biohazard remediation to crime scene cleanup. Los Angeles, The BIOClean Team is here to help.


The BIOClean Team is Los Angeles’s top trusted company for crime scene clean-up, large-scale clean-outs (such as hoarding), decomposition cleanup, odor remediation, animal hoarding, demolition services, contents removal, and hazardous waste removal.

Our technicians are OSHA compliant and certified to handle biohazardous waste cleanup. All technicians are trained on infectious disease remediation, cross-contamination techniques, and proper personal protective equipment (including respirator use). 

As a registered nurse, Stacy hands down invaluable training on hospital standards, biohazard cleaning, and the microbiological foundation of pathogen cleaning to all team members. Infectious waste is unsafe for handling without proper training, leave it to the professionals at the BIOClean Team!

The BIOClean Team adheres to OSHA, EPA, and the California Department of Public Health rules and regulations to ensure the safety of our crew, as well as you and your family (and anyone else coming to the scene post-incident). We do rigorous testing to assure there are no contaminants upon departure and can issue a certification of treatment for your resale, insurance purposes, rental of premises, or just peace of mind. We are Properly Licensed, Insured, and Bondable. 

All of that to say the BIOClean Team is here for you.

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Services Available

If your loved one has a hoarding disorder, or is a “collector”, he or she could be living in dangerous conditions. Hoarding situations are rarely clean and healthy, and the waste accumulation increases the risk of infectious diseases, mold, and pathogens within the trash and all surfaces. 

Consider, also, clutter-related accidents, and paths of egress within the context of emergency exits. In the event of an emergency, such as an earthquake or fire, your loved one may become trapped. 

The BIOClean Team has experience cleaning in these extreme circumstances, and we want to help however we can. We offer full cleanouts, large-item removal, valuable item removal, inventory of contents, disinfection of all surfaces, and biohazard cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA

We are one of the few companies that will stay  ALL day until it is done, bring our own dumpsters, clean, disinfect, remove carpets, flooring, toilets, or fixtures as needed in these extreme cases!

Sometimes, sadly, family members or loved ones pass away without notice and are not found in a timely fashion. Decomposing bodies not only leave behind the aftermath of the actual decomposition, biohazardous fluids, and waste but also there can be other items that have become biohazards in that environment. We use specialized equipment to remove all biohazards and extreme odors from vehicles, homes, offices, etc. We strive to return you to a sanitary environment as soon as possible.

As a registered nurse, Stacy hands down invaluable training on hospital standards, biohazard cleaning, and the microbiological foundation of pathogen remediation to all team members. 

She also works together with the families coming from a place of empathy. Her phone is always on, and her line is always open. You can call the owner directly 24/7 and Stacy is happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

  • Rat and Pest Clean-Up

Whether you’ve returned from vacation to find new guests, an abandoned property, Or an active infestation in a hoarding property, there is a potential for rats and other pests to create nests and homes in buildings, homes, and even vehicles. Cleaning up after them can be a serious job. The fecal waste and nestling can create dust and pathogens that should not be swept or lightly vacuumed due to the inhalation hazards that exist. The BIO-Clean Team technicians are trained in PPE, respiratory protection, and HEPA filtration for air quality control of hazardous environments. They eradicate the active materials and then clean, apply disinfectant, and a bio-rinse to all hard surfaces. We do recommend removing porous surfaces and we will bring our own disposal equipment. 

Homeless encampments and transient camps can be found across Los Angeles County. Whether the area is abandoned or being shut down by authorities, someone needs to go in and clean it up. 

These camps can be filled with structural hazards, toxic waste, bodily fluid waste (think feces in buckets), hazardous materials, needles, Sharps waste, blood, etc. 

When the need arises, The BIOClean Team is ready for the job. Our homeless camp cleanup team in Los Angeles, CA is equipped to handle the cleaning, no matter how big or small the space might be.

Crimes are unexpected events and often result in traumatic injuries that leave behind blood and other infectious biohazards. After Law Enforcement, EMS and the Coroner leaves the crime scene, family members, property managers, and business owners are faced with the daunting task of cleaning up after the traumatic event. Having a compassionate, discreet and locally available company to clean the scene helps grieving families or affected businesses move forward safely and efficiently. The BIOClean Team is providing the crime scene cleanup Los Angeles relies on.

We service Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. We have technicians that are able to travel further distances in extreme cases. 

Our family has lived in the Los Angeles region for over sixty years. We have referrals and references for anything you may need, including a defense attorney in the immediate family. Let us know how we can help you.

Stacy is always available to answer your questions!

Biohazard waste covers a surprising number of situations. Anything with infectious material such as blood and waste, whether human or animal, medical waste, syringes, and more can all be potential biohazards that need professional attention. BIOClean’s Los Angeles team is trained to handle any biohazard they may come across to clean and remediate the space fast.

  • Window Board Up

Looking for preventative services? Or possibly someone has broken in and you need one, or all-access points boarded. A window board up job can prevent your property from becoming a homeless encampment or others from squatting in it and creating a worse situation down the line. The BIOClean Team technicians can work with both residential, commercial access boarding. We have done vintage architecture buildings in which we need to preserve the framing and have a technique to both preserve the building integrity AND prevent a kick-in!