• Meth Labs with the BIOClean Team
  • Methamphetamine, also known as “meth,” “speed,” “crank,” “crystal,” and “ice,” is a terrible illicit substance. It wreaks havoc on the user’s central nervous system as well as their skin, teeth, hair, bones, and of course their psyche. Furthermore, the chemicals that go into the production of methamphetamine are extremely dangerous. The  (often amateur) labs that … Continue reading “Meth Labs with the BIOClean Team”

  • Is Your Gym REALLY Sanitary?
  • New Year, New You craze swept the world once again. With everyone packing up their gear and heading into their local gym or fitness center, a concern that not enough people take into consideration is the cleanliness of an establishment. It might look clean, but the BIOClean Team knows that looks can be deceiving when … Continue reading “Is Your Gym REALLY Sanitary?”

  • Can a Pet Help with Loss
  • Handling a loss of any kind can put an emotional burden on a person that they may not know how to cope with. It can be an intense, turbulent time and recovering from it takes time in the best of conditions. For some, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are proving to be a useful ally in … Continue reading “Can a Pet Help with Loss”

  • Why Do People Commit Suicide?
  • Every year, thousands of Americans commit suicide… Sadly, it’s the 10th leading cause of death in the United State affecting not only the victim, but the surviving family members and friends. Undeniably, the pressing question is. Why is sucide so common? When a loved one takes their own life, it can feel impossible to understand. … Continue reading “Why Do People Commit Suicide?”