• Hoarding FAQ
  • Last time we took a look at answering why people hoard in depth. This time on the BIOClean Team blog we’re going to be doing a rapid-fire response FAQ, to answer any lingering questions you may have about hoarding.  Note: It’s important for us to disclaim – The BIOClean Team provides information but it is … Continue reading “Hoarding FAQ”

  • Why Do People Hoard?
  • Last time on the BIOClean Team blog we talked about the dangers of a hoarding home, and how that behavior creates not just a cluttered environment but a hazardous one as well. For those who are searching out information about hoarding, a question that no doubt comes up as well is why. Why do people … Continue reading “Why Do People Hoard?”

  • The Dangers of Hoarding
  • One of the more common situations The BIOClean Team handles are hoarding cases, and there are reasons anyone going up against a hoarding situation should call in the professionals, and the sooner the better. And if you’re worried someone you love is a hoarder, it’s important to handle the matter delicately, but it does need … Continue reading “The Dangers of Hoarding”